Our member Eco Avantgarde reports further successful developments in the construction of the new gypsum recycling plant in Padua.

Eco Avant-Garde srl aims to lead the way in the search for intelligent solutions for the reuse of recovered materials by testing refining processes that allow the by-products to be placed on the market with high added value fields that have very fine particle sizes require to be effective.

First steps with a major Italian company to install a micronizer as an additional option for the 𝗘𝗰𝗼 𝗚𝘆𝗽𝘀𝘂𝗺 𝟲𝟰 system.

The micronization of the recycled gypsum by-product is an absolute novelty in the field of gypsum-based waste recovery and is essential for the improvement of this by-product.


Recent months have seen a significant increase in interest in our plant for the recovery and recycling of gypsum-based waste 𝗘𝗖𝗢 𝗚𝗬𝗣𝗦𝗨𝗠 𝟲𝟰, which allows us to achieve a correct and virtuous cycle of Circular Economy in construction with interesting economic returns, a key sector of the world economy.

Eco Gypsum 64, in its various configurations, allows, through an innovative technological process, to separate the gypsum from the paper from the plasterboard coming from constructions, renovations, and demolitions, obtaining a gypsum by-product, with the same characteristics of virgin quarry gypsum.

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